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Are you wondering if you can assemble your rose teddy bear yourself? Yes, you can! You can purchase the bear accessories kit, learn how to make a rose bear and get started. For your ease, we are sharing how to make a rose teddy bear flower arrangement here in this article.

How to make a rose bear?

Just follow the steps and you’ll get your beautiful rose teddy bear ready.

Purchase the flower teddy bear accessories kit:

You’ll have to start by purchasing a rose teddy bear accessories kt. In this kit, you’ll get a bear, glue gun, glue stick and synthetic flowers that you’ll use for creating your own rose teddy bear. Additionally, a ribbon bow will also be part of the accessory kit to create your perfect bear.

Adjust your bear model:

The bear model that you’ll get in your accessory kit will have to be adjusted properly so that you can stick your flowers on it easily.

Put the glue in the gun:

It would be a lot easier if you’ll use the gun provided in the accessory kit of how to make a rose bear. With this gun. You’ll be able to stick your flowers in a better and more appropriate way.

Start placing the flowers:

Now you’ll have to start placing the artificial flowers in the pack on the bear. Initiate the placement of flower from the head, as it will give you the right direction to continue making your flower arrangement on the bear. Make sure to place all the flowers together with each other without leaving any spaces, as it won’t give the right shape to your flower teddy bear.

Additionally, put the glue at the limited portion at a time only. It will provide you with better and solid grip for your flowers and your flowers won’t fall apart. It will also give your teddy bear the right look.

Cover all the bear:

Once you have started putting rose flowers on the bar, just cover all of it. Go for the backside first and then move to the front and then finish the bottom. You might want to leave a little space at the bottom to give let the bear sit properly. With flowers, it would be difficult. But that is completely your choice.  

Look for last touches:

When you are done with placing all the flowers on your teddy bear, you should look for the final touches. If you have placed everything properly without leaving spaces then you’ll be glad as all our work is done. Congratulations, you have become an expert in how to make a rose bear and learnt DIY Bear accessories kit.

Tie your bow:

Without a bow on your teddy bear, it would be incomplete. So, just fix it in front. And you are good to go.


It was important that you knew How to make a teddy rose bear flower arrangement. But now when you know it, you can make the flower teddy bear on your own or can buy a one already made, as it will save your time and provide the perfect outlook.

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