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Blue Rose Bear

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Want to know about another member from the rose bear family? Here it is a blue rose bear. Just like the other bears from the family, it is too cute and makes the best gift for your loved one this year. Interested in knowing some specific characteristics about a blue rose teddy bear?

Here we are highlighting them for you:

Beautiful Color:

The rose bear blue is specially designed, keeping in view the blue color of the rose flowers. So, while buying this blue rose teddy bear, you should be sure that you will be getting the closest version of the actual rose flowers used in these flowers.

Cuteness Overloaded:

These blue blower bears are overloaded with cuteness. Their beautiful design makes them look just like your favorite teddy bear. But just add the cuteness because of the blue rose flowers that are used in their making. So, are not we right that cuteness is actually overloaded in these beautiful rose bear blue?

Made of Synthetic Flowers:

Your blue rose bear is made of synthetic rose flowers, so just don’t worry about spending your money on something perishable. It is going to be with you and your loved one for as long as you’ll like to keep it. And it can literally be forever. So, isn’t it the right product to gift it to your love?

Handmade Product:

This blue rose teddy bear is handmade, providing perfection and the feeling of realness in the true sense to your blue flower bear. Your loved one is definitely going to account for the effort that has been put in making this up as a token of your love. After all, you have made the decision to purchase it.


These flowers of your rose teddy bear blue are anti-wither. So, they can stay perfect for a longer time. If you put in some effort to keep them clean, then this blue rose bear can actually be with you forever. One more thing by the care we don’t mean much, you just have to keep it away from dust and other such stuff, and that is it. You are good to go.

Size of the Blue Flower Bear:

This blue rose teddy bear is available in 25cm length. You might also find some of the other sizes in the product; browse this page to know more about it. Simply perfect for giving it as a cute gift to anyone


If you are just looking for cool cute stuff to gift it to your loved ones this year, then this rose bear blue is the perfect option that you have got. With all the features that we have mentioned above, you would be quite clear about it, isn’t it?

Just place your order with us today and get your rose teddy bear blue delivered at your doorstep away. It is literally just a click away.