Coffee Rose Bear

Coffee Rose Bear

Real Rose Bear
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Coffee Rose Bear:

Beautiful color with beautiful arrangement of a bear. This is none other than coffee rose bear. If you think other colors of the rose teddy bear are too much for your eyes, then we are presenting this decent color with the same beauty for you. 

Features of coffee rose bear:

Here are some of the major features of this rose bear:

  1. Made of artificial flowers; so just don’t expect it to go away in a few days. It can stay with you for decades
  2. Beautiful color adds to the cuteness of this coffee rose bear
  3. Perfect arrangement of flowers, making it look wonderful
  4. Cuteness isn’t compromised in any way
  5. These bears are made from hand
  6. Coffee rose bear provides best value to you; not in terms of money but in terms of cuteness and love it brings along with it.

Just place your order with us now and get the beautiful coffee rose bear at our doorstep in a few days. Whether you want to gift it to your loved one or keep it with you as a decoration piece, you’ll definitely not regret your choice. So, order now!