Purple Rose Bear

By The Rose Bear Website


Have you had enough with the furry bears? But still, the love for the cute teddy bears isn’t going away? We have a new way to satisfy your love for the cute teddy bears. Want to know about them? Purple Rose Teddy Bear! Yes, the purple rose bear is so cute that you’ll forget your furry teddy bears in an instant. Why should you buy them?


Here are some of the features of a purple real rose teddy bear with flowers that will compel you to buy them:


The purple rose bear is made from synthetic purple flowers, but they feel like real and thus make your bear made with roses look like made from real flowers. The beauty that each of the flowers in this teddy bear has is amazing. Each of the layers of the flower has been beautifully created to ensure that they look similar to the original ones.

Beautiful color:

Purple color isn’t too ordinary when it comes to roses. So, watching a teddy bear with purple roses also adds to the beauty and uniqueness in the bear made with roses. Additionally, it brings in the cuteness in the purple teddy bear with flowers.


This rose teddy bear purple is made of polyester. So, you can expect to stay with you for as long as you want. It doesn’t require any extra care from you, but we are sure that its cuteness would make you care for it.

Handmade Product:

The hand made nature of the bear rose flower makes it more important. The perfect shape it is because someone has originally created it for you by investing their time and effort into it. Doesn’t the cuteness it holds in depicts it? You’ll see it from every flower used in the Rose teddy bear purple.


Purple teddy bear with flowers that we are talking about is 25 cm in size. Not too small to ignore and not too big for you to carry with you every time. Just perfect!

Affordable Price:

You won’t just go for anything available in the market, right? You must be looking for the value that your money brings in. Then these purple bear rose would just be perfect. They are cute, sophisticated, and durable, making them of great value for the users. This is why we have termed them as affordable, bringing in the best value for you.

Lovely Product

Purple rose teddy bear is something that you shouldn’t ignore because we are sure that if you are reading, you are a fan of a teddy bear made of roses. Bear rose flowers used in this rose bear purple are so amazing that you’ll definitely regret if you’ll lose the opportunity to buy them now.


So, just don’t keep scrolling, buy the real purple rose bear now!

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