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Pink Rose Bear

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Pink Rose Bear:

Another version of pink color from the rose family is Pink Rose Bear. The change in color is just to provide you with a variety to choose from, otherwise all the version of the rose teddy bear are equally cute to purchase and give them as a gift. If you like the color pink more than any other colors, then here are some special features of this bear for you. 

Features of Pink Rose Teddy Bear:

Here are the features of Pink Rose Bear:

  1. This pink color is brighter than the other version of pink that we have in store. 
  2. These bears are made from artificial flowers. 
  3. They can stay with you for years.
  4. You can get a perfect gift item to depict your love for the people you love.
  5. Perfect arrangement of flowers is ensured to give your teddy an overall beautiful outlook. 
  6. These teddy bears are beautiful and cool.
  7. You’ll definitely get the best value from these bears.

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